Cel mai bun tratament naturist pentru oxiuri

Oxiurii sunt paraziti intestinali viermiformi care cel mai des se gasesc la copii. Unul dintre principalele cauze ale infectiei cu oxiuri este igiena precara, in special igiena mainiilor. De aceea si rata mare de infestatii in cadrul copiilor in special al acelora care sunt fie la gradinita fie la scoala unde intra in contact cu alti copii.

Cand vine vorba de tratamentul impotriva oxiurilor cat si a altor paraziti intestinali tratament naturist este indicat deoarece tratamentele medicamentoase au un grad mai mare de toxicitate si afecteaza anumite organe. Intradevar sunt eficiente in eliminarea viermisoriilor insa efectele negative sunt si ele prezente.

In cazul unui tratament naturist cura trebuie tinuta mai mult timp insa actiunea asupra restului organismului nu este toxica. Efectul este doar impotriva parazitilor.

oxiuriDeoarece durata de viata a oxiurilor in organismul uman este de 6 saptamani acestia pot fi eliminati fara tratament daca se previne reinfestarea. Acest lucru se poate face cu ajutorul metodei de igiena stricta care presupune crearea unor obiceiuri de igiena zilnice care previn reinhalarea oualelor de oxiuri astfel acestia nu vor mai intra in organism pentru a produce o noua infectie.

Pentru a putea trata insa aceasta infectie trebuie facuta si o diagnosticare precisa. Principalele simptome in cazul unei infestatii cu viermisori intestinali, oxiuri, sunt urmatoarele (acestea variaza in intensitate in functie de numarul de viermisori prezenti in intestinul persoanei infectate):

  • somn deranjat
  • mancarimi in zona anusului si in zona vaginului la femei
  • stare usoara de greata
  • dureri abdominale intermitente

Mancarimile in zona anala sunt mai mult pe perioada noptii cand femela oxiu iese din intestin pentru a depune ouale in jurul anusului.

Asadar cele mai eficiente remedii naturiste sunt nucile care au un efect anti-parazitar foarte puternic si care ajuta si la refacerea florei intestinale. De asemenea sucul de varza cruda este un dezinfectant eficient pentru intestin si ajuta la eliminarea viermilor intestinali.

Trebuie mentionat faptul ca daca unul dintre membrii familiei a fost diagnosticat cu infectie cu oxiuri sansele ca si restul membrilor sa fie infestati sunt de peste 75%. De aceea in cazul infectiei cu acesti viermi intestinali, tratamentul trebuie urmat de toti membrii familiei.

Diagnosticarea infectiei se face foarte usor prin intermediul unei analize coproparazitologice care consta in analizarea unei mostre de scaun pentru a vedea daca exista oua, larve de paraziti fie de oxiuri fie de alte specii de viermi intestinali.

Revenind la metoda igienei stricte care este foarte eficienta la impiedicarea reinfectarii cu paraziti. Metoda igienei stricte trebuie tinuta 6 saptamani, atat este durata de viata a oxiurilor.

Primii pasi sunt spalarea tuturor lucrurilor textile care au intrat in contact cu corpul, lenjerii de pat, pijamale, jucarii de plus. Toate la o temperatura cat mai mare.

Se aspira toate incaperiile casei cat se poate de bine. Praful trebuie sters de pe toate supratele care au intrat in contact cu mainile.

Foarte important este ca spalarea mainilor sa se faca cat se poate de des pentru ca de foarte multe ori ouale de oxiuri sunt raspandite de pe mainiile persoanei infectate.

Aceste reguli trebuie respectate cu cea mai mare strictete pe toata perioada pentru a impiedica reaparitia oxiurilor.

The Rock and Roll Mom’s Guide to Toilet Training Toddlers

This post has been a long time coming. A lot of you have asked me about the twins and if we started potty training yet. Today I’m going to share a couple of tips that have helped us toilet train them relatively easy.

First of all if you’re scared of starting potty training your child, don’t be. If you’re patient and keep a positive attitude you’ll see that eventually everything works out for the best.

I don’t know how it is to potty train a single child, but when it comes to toilet training twins, 3 days is all it took for both of them, Jeremy and Ryan, to pickup on using the potty by themselves.

I know this is a best case scenario and probably most will have a more difficult experience but here’s what I think has helped us.

In the beginning we tought about training them one at a time but in the end we decided on teaching them both at once, and as it turned out it was better that we did it that way.

I say it was better because Jeremy got the hang of it sooner than Ryan this made him want to copy his brother so the positive influence from Jeremy played a huge role in speeding everything up.

One thing that I feel it was extremely important and a big factor is that we had everything prepared. From buying 2 potties, one for each child, to scheduling the toilet training days a month and a half in advance. If you’ve read any blog post on potty training you’ve probably noticed that almost everyone talks about how important it is to have every little detailed sorted so that when you start you make as fewer mistakes as possible.

When it came to shopping for potty training supplies we mostly let the boys pick what they liked. They chose the potties, the potty training underwear, books, dvds, etc.

The biggest mistake we made was trying the same approach with both. But just because they’re twins does not mean they’re the same. This slowed things down for us until we figured out how to approach each of them and try to get them to use the potty.

This is a very common mistake that parents make, which is comparing their child with other children who had already been potty trained. Just because a method worked with one child does not mean it will work with all. You need to base your training approach on your child’s personality and temper.

I’m not expert, but the one thing I think you should take away from this blog post is to arm yourself with a lot of patience. Your child will figure it out eventually. Just encourage him and stay positive.

How to rock and roll your home workout sessions

For my music plays a huge role in my workout routines. I don’t want to do anything if I don’t have something playing in the headphones while I’m exercising.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that most people who like working out are more motivated when they have their favorite music playing.

I’m a rock fan so in this post I’m going to share my new workout playlist that has helped me stay focused on my goals and also kept me motivated to push myself everytime.

By the way if your workouts are like mine, meaning at home workouts, I hate the gym, here’s a cool website me and my husband found when we were looking to buy a rowing machine, www.homeworkoutmag.com. It has some good reviews if you’re looking for workout machines that are good for home.

It’s not yet a huge playlist, there are just 10 songs on it but I think you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses
  2. Last Resort – Papa Roach
  3. Run DMC – It’s Tricky
  4. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
  5. Testify – Rage Against The Machine
  6. Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC
  7. AC/DC- Back in Black
  8. Led Zepplin- Achilles Last Stand
  9. Highway To Hell – AC/DC
  10. Animal – Pearl Jam

That’s my playlist that I use daily when I’m on the rowing machine.

And if these are not enough here are another 50 songs to get you pumped up.

I was more into running but for the last 2 years I’ve really enjoyed using an indoor rower for my cardio workouts. If you want a full body workout, rowing machines are amazing. We bought a Concept2 but you can get a very good rowing machine at a more affordable price. If I were to make a recommendation, I would tell you to go with the Stamina Air Rower, one of the best models under $500.

If you’re past your youth and your joints started to ache, rowers let workout but without putting to much pressure on your knees or hips.

So, probably I’ll update this post with more songs as I add them to my list. You should bookmark it for future referance and if you want me to write about something particular just let me know in the comments of on my Facebook page where I’m really active.

Ohh, and one more thing. Since most of you, my readers workout at home just like me, let’s make a poll on what workout machines you use. Like I said my favorite is the rowing machine but we also have an elliptical, but we don’t use it that often, mostly my husband works out on it.

So, leave a short comment with what exercise machine you’re currently using and why you like it. Thanks.

4 Lazi Frigorifice de Dimensiuni Mici pt. Apartament

lada frigorifica apartamentDa stiu ca de obicei lada frigorifica ti-o iei daca stai la casa, ai gospodarie si o umpli cu carne sau alte alimente pe care le poti pastra congelate cum ar fi legume proaspete din gradina personala, insa exista si lazi frigorifice de dimensiuni mai mici perfect pt. apartament.

Da, iti poti lua o lada frigorifica chiar si intr-un apartament micut cu 2 camere. In acest articol vreau sa-ti vorbesc despre cateva modele de lazi frigorifice mai mici cu un volum net mai mic de 150 L care incap usor si in spatii mai inghesuite.

Acuma desigur, despre raportul lada frigorifica mica pret mic nu stiu daca e asa. Adica chiar daca spatiu utilizabil este mai mic diferenta de pret nu este prea insemnata insa ai totusi avantajul ca poti pastra mult mai multe alimente congelate chiar daca stai la bloc.

O sa incep cu lada frigorifica Star-Light CFM-99AP care are disponibili 102 litri de spatiu utilizabil. In primul rand ai garantia de 24 de luni, iar ca si pret este una dintre cele mai ieftine lazi frigorifice pe care le gasesti in acest moment pe piata din Romania.

Desigur nu este nu stiu ce firma, gen Whirlpool, Arctic, Gorenje sau mai stiu eu ce brand foarte cunoscut insa isi face treaba si avand in vedere ca dai pe ea undeva la 400 si ceva de lei chiar se merita. Plus ca consumul energetic este destul de redus.

De la Star-Light trecem la Heinner unde avem modelul HCF-98A+. Dupa denumire iti dai seama desigur ca are o capacitate de 98 L si coeficientul de consum energetic este A+.

Putin mai scumpa ca primul model despre care ti-am vorbit insa are si ceva in plus fata de el. De obicei la aparate frigorifice, fie ca vorbim de frigidere, combine frigorifice, lazi, diferenta intre preturi este cat de cat direct proportionala cu marimea/spatiu utilizabil al aparatului. Desigur exista si unele exceptii cand un aparat frigorific mai mic poate sa coste mai mult ca si un model de dimensiuni mai mari.

A 3-a lada frigorifica de dimensiuni mici este un Zanussi, si anume versiunea ZFC1040WA, tot de 98 de litri volum net, tot A+. Consumul energetic se invarte in jurul valorii de 170 kWh/an iar ca si capacitate de congelare lada frigorifica sta foarte bine, mai exact vorbim aici de 9.5 kg/24h.

Desigur ca la banii astia, adica exact 750 de ron nu o sa-ti iei o lada frigorifica no frost, lada Zanussi avand sistemul de dezghetare manual. Din ce-am vazut este una dintre lazile frigorifice mai silentioase. Nivelul de zgomot nu depaseste 43 de decibeli.

Am zis ca-ti zic de 4 insa ti le las numai pe astea 3. Defapt daca te uiti peste specificatiile la astea imposibil sa nu gasesti una care sa-ti placa.

Si acuma ca o mica paranteza, fiindca am 2 baietei la care imi fuge mintea tot timpul, am tot cautat pe net ceva site cu jucarii asa mai de calitate si am gasit ceva. Mi-a sarit in ochii un tractor cu pedale pentru copii si tot la fel ATV-uri de copii. Am gasit video-ul asta pe net, l-am postat mai jos.

How I won the fight with Obesity

I know a lot of women will understand what I’m going to say in this post.

5 years ago I was in the worst shape of my life. I had gained almost 80 pounds in extra weight. I was depressed, embarrassed and I didn’t know what to do.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a high energy person, always doing some intense activity, always at the gym, always jogging. This was until my accident. For almost a year I wasn’t able to get out of bed or do any activity that would require me to strain my self physically.

So the pounds quickly added up. And so after 8 months I was on the brink of becoming an obese woman.

After my health started to improve I wanted to get up on my feet and begin my recovery. To start a diet and exercise program.

Nothing had worked. And I mean nothing. All those weight loss systems for women were not doing me any good. I couldn’t lose weight successfully, not even 1 pound. And if I did lose some weight it would come right back in a week.

I found these weight loss videos that I began to follow and although they were very instructive, the methods that were taught did not work for me.

I’m quite sure but I believe it was almost 2 years of constant struggle until I eventually found The Venus Factor system. I ended up buying the weight loss program and slowly but surely I started to see my weight problem disapear before my very eyes.

Ofcourse before I purchased this program I did my research and I think in a matter of hours I found almost every Venus Factor review out there. I was hooked. John Barban, the guy who created this diet system had been studying the female metabolism for almost a decade, and came up with a method to overcome what he calls “leptin resistance“.

Thank God I found Julia and www.GetVenused.com because she was the one who managed to convince me to try Venus Factor and I’m so glad I did it. If you want to ask here something here’s her Twitter.

It worked for me and it also worked for these women in the videos below. Enjoy.