This post has been a long time coming. A lot of you have asked me about the twins and if we started potty training yet. Today I’m going to share a couple of tips that have helped us toilet train them relatively easy.

First of all if you’re scared of starting potty training your child, don’t be. If you’re patient and keep a positive attitude you’ll see that eventually everything works out for the best.

I don’t know how it is to potty train a single child, but when it comes to toilet training twins, 3 days is all it took for both of them, Jeremy and Ryan, to pickup on using the potty by themselves.

I know this is a best case scenario and probably most will have a more difficult experience but here’s what I think has helped us.

In the beginning we tought about training them one at a time but in the end we decided on teaching them both at once, and as it turned out it was better that we did it that way.

I say it was better because Jeremy got the hang of it sooner than Ryan this made him want to copy his brother so the positive influence from Jeremy played a huge role in speeding everything up.

One thing that I feel it was extremely important and a big factor is that we had everything prepared. From buying 2 potties, one for each child, to scheduling the toilet training days a month and a half in advance. If you’ve read any blog post on potty training you’ve probably noticed that almost everyone talks about how important it is to have every little detailed sorted so that when you start you make as fewer mistakes as possible.

When it came to shopping for potty training supplies we mostly let the boys pick what they liked. They chose the potties, the potty training underwear, books, dvds, etc.

The biggest mistake we made was trying the same approach with both. But just because they’re twins does not mean they’re the same. This slowed things down for us until we figured out how to approach each of them and try to get them to use the potty.

This is a very common mistake that parents make, which is comparing their child with other children who had already been potty trained. Just because a method worked with one child does not mean it will work with all. You need to base your training approach on your child’s personality and temper.

I’m not expert, but the one thing I think you should take away from this blog post is to arm yourself with a lot of patience. Your child will figure it out eventually. Just encourage him and stay positive.